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Please give your name and contact details so SaferGems can clarify your report if necessary.

SaferGems will use your e-mail address to acknowledge receipt of your report and provide you with a reference to enable you to submit any updates. If a colleague has already submitted a report for the same incident, include this reference in the "What Happened" box in step 2.

If the event occurs in transit, please still use the address boxes to identify the location of your business since you may have been targeted from there. Use the "What Happened" box in step 2 to explain where the event occurred in transit.

Images and video clips:

If you have photographs or video footage which may be useful, please first complete a report and then pass the images to SaferGems by replying to their acknowledgment e-mail and attaching relevant image files. If you do not want SaferGems to circulate copies of any images in their alerts to other subscribers, please make that clear in your e-mail. SaferGems may pass such images to the police.